Class Rules and Format

Class Rules

1.    Be prepared. Always be on time and ready for class (in your seat, assignments ready, notebooks out, pencil sharpened...etc) Always bring required materials.

2.    Be attentive. Always take notes and listen. Information given in class will be on tests, learn to take notes and practice good listening skills. Success in this class depends on YOU. LISTEN, LEARN, PASS

3.    Be courteous.  Only speak when it is appropriate. Do not interrupt class and do not annoy your teacher or classmates.

4.    Be respectful. Respect others in the class and their property.  Do not touch things that do not belong to you.

5.    Be still. Do not get out of your seat without permission.

6.    Always follow school rules (see student handbook)



1.    Warning  (reflects also on your class participation grade)

2.    Removal from Class

3.    Office referral or conference with parents

4.    Four tardies will result in an office referral.


Class Format


1.  Independent Study (I) – Includes chapter outlines, study guides, article readings.  Worksheets are completed in class and usually due that day.


2.  Lectures (L) – Requires you to listen and take notes over the topic being studied.  Quizzes over lectures will occur at the end of the hour or the next day – these quizzes are open note.


3.  Group Work (G) – In small groups, you will complete labs and activities.  It is important that you stay on-task and do your share of the work. 


4.  Movies & Media (M) – On these days, we will watch an educational video.  All videos have worksheets to complete as you watch them.  Alternately we may go to the computer lab to do a project. 


**When you enter class, look at the board to see what we are doing that day.



IB Biology is an advanced course. As such, the requirements and responsibilities of the class are challenging.

1. You are expected to turn your assignments and projects in on time. Turning assignments in after the due date (or after the beginning of class when it is collected) will result in 20% off per day late. Assignments will NOT be accepted more than 5 days late.

2. You are expected to do your share of group work. Many projects and labs in biology will be collaborative (group) projects. If you do not pull your weight in your group, I may remove you from the group and you will need to complete the assignment on your own.

3. Keep up with readings and study every night. Unlike math or other course, assignments may not be something you turn in for a grade. Do to the volume and detail of information you will be learning, it is important that you take the initiative and go over notes and readings every night - in other words STUDY. You will not do well on tests if you wait until the night before to "cram"

4. Participate in class. Class discussions are a way to analyze and evaluate what you have learned and practice your knowledge of difficult concepts.

5. Stay organized. Use your agenda book to keep track of important due dates and reading assignments.

6. Utilize the class website. If you do not have access from home, make arrangements to visit the library. I will be happy to write you a library pass for you study hall period. Also, I have two student computers in my room that you are welcome to use before and after school.




1.  Participation -.  This grade is based on your attendance, behavior, work ethics and class preparation.   (See participation checklist) 

2.  Quizzes -  lowest quiz score is dropped. 

3.  Tests – Over each chapter, worth 50-100 points.  

4.  Assignments – competed in class  or as you watch movies

5.  Lab/Group work – 10-20 pts, completed in class with others. 

6.  Late work will not be accepted more than a week from due date.  Each day late is 20% off.





It is critical to your success in this class to limit your absences.  The vast majority of students who fail, will fail simply because they don’t show up to school.  In the event that you are absent, the following policies apply.


1.  Independent work (worksheets/assignment) must be completed and turned in the next day.
2.  Lab/Group work will be made up before school.
3.  Lecture Quizzes – will be excused after you show me that you copied the notes. 

4.  Tests – must be made up before school or during study halls.
5.  Movie worksheets – one excused per semester.  Make up work situational.


*A file folder is posted in class will have your make-up work inside it.   You are responsible for getting your work and making it up.